It can be easy to forget about your tyres, but they are also a very important part of your vehicle and should be checked on a regular basis.

We have most tyre sizes available in stock, but if for any reason we don’t have them on the shelf, we can usually source them quickly and our skilled technicians will fit and balance them for you all while you wait.

As well as fitting new tyres we offer other tyre related services such as:

Tracking – This is when the alignment of your vehicle is incorrect and can be caused by many things such as, hitting
a pot hole or kerb. If your not sure check your tyres and you may see excessive wear on one side of the tyre compared to the other side.

Wheel Balancing – Does your steering wheel feel shaky or wobbly? If so, this could be as a result of your wheel
not being balanced correctly. Having your wheels balanced will maintain your tyres for a longer period of time.

Sidewall Damage – If you have cracks, bulging, splits or ‘kerbing’ damage in the sidewall of your tyres it is important to have them looked at as soon as possible as they could become unsafe and illegal. We will look to repair the existing tyre if possible, if not we can change your tyre while you wait.

For all your tyre needs call us on 01725 519418 to book a convenient time for you.

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