Other Services

Seasonal Checks – Is your vehicle ready for Summer or Winter? Let us check for you with a Seasonal Check.

Checks we carry out are :
· Full Level Check (Brake Fluid, Oil, Antifreeze, Screen wash and Power Steering Fluid)
· Battery and alternator test
· Tyre depth and condition
· Tyre pressure
· Windscreen wiper condition
· Exhaust
· Lights
· Auxiliary Drive Belt     Return to ‘Services We Offer’ Page

Air Conditioning – Like everything else on your vehicle, your air conditioning system needs to be maintained and checked regularly.

If you notice the freshness deteriorating then it is time to get it checked to make sure it is safe and efficient.     Return to ‘Services We Offer’ Page

Batteries – If you are experiencing problems with your vehicle starting it may well be the battery. Our experienced technicians will conduct checks to determine the cause and can change your battery while you wait.    Return to ‘Services We Offer’ Page

Brakes – If you are concerned about the performance of your brakes or would like them checked before going on a long journey, our expert technicians will complete a no-obligation brake inspection. After the inspection we will provide you with a report and a quote for any work which is required.    Return to ‘Services We Offer’ Page

Exhausts – Your exhaust system is an important part of your vehicle. If you are experiencing any rattling or you think your exhaust may be loose then it could be something quick and cheap to repair. If it is not repaired it could result in more expensive repairs for you.    Return to ‘Services We Offer’ Page

Welding – We have highly experienced welders who can repair all of your welding needs.    Return to ‘Services We Offer’ Page

Bulbs – One of your bulbs gone? Then just pop along and we can change it for you while you wait.    Return to ‘Services We Offer’ Page

Windscreen Wipers – We have all sizes in stock so just pop along and we can change it for you while you wait.    Return to ‘Services We Offer’ Page

Suspension – This keeps your vehicle stable and your tyres firmly in contact with the road surface for the maximum amount of time which is essential for your brakes to work effectively.

Worn shock absorbers can add up to 2 metres to your braking distance when travelling at 30mph as tyres have less contact with the road. Maintaining a healthy vehicle suspension is vital to your safety.    Return to ‘Services We Offer’ Page